who am i?

P.S. I love you jewellery and accessories are one of a kind, unique, bespoke little pieces of happiness that bring joy to the world. They are bold, colourful, big, statement and different. And that’s what makes them so special! Each piece is made with love and I would personally wear all of them! I would never put a product out there that I’m not 100% proud of or that isn’t of the highest quality. A lot of thought and effort goes into making every little detail and each new product makes me grow just a little bit more again as a person and an artist.

I primarily work with polymer clay, but I use all sorts of different materials to achieve the final look that I am going for. I use fabric, cork, metal, wires, beads, felt, faux and real leather, anything that inspires me, really. My collections are sometimes quirky, sometimes funky, sometimes organic looking and sometimes elegant. I believe everyone is unique in our own way, so jewellery and accessories should be the same. They should complement our looks and enhance our personalities. That’s why I use so many different styles and techniques to embrace all the diverse beauty out there.

Let me share my story with you, so you know who you are buying jewellery from. I’m just a girl who does the designing and the making of all pieces, there’s no computer designing or mass production here, it’s just me in my quirky little workshop, living my dreams, doing a happy dance every time I get an order 🙂

I was born and raised in a small town in Slovenia and I have always been creative and curious. My first job was being an English teacher at a primary school but I quickly realized it wasn’t the path I want to continue, so I got a job at IBM and stayed there for 13 years. During those years, I started making jewellery, using beads and wire and I guess my little journey started then, without me even realizing it at the time.

After moving to Ireland, I stayed at home for a while and then got a job at a medical company. The fact that I was coming home late and not spending enough time with my family was killing me.

My husband has always been my biggest fan and was encouraging me to start my own business for a long time. But it was only last summer, when I found myself in a room, full of amazing artists and crafters, that I knew it was time… Local Enterprise Office and Leader network were sponsoring a formation of a craft network, trying to find artists, who would promote and represent arts and crafts in County Kildare. And then it seriously began… my journey to turn my dreams into a business.

I find inspiration in everyday life, nature, dreams, music, art, fashion and people. We are all so exceptional and beautiful and I am beyond grateful to be able to follow my dreams and do what I love. I hope my pieces bring a smile on your face and make you feel special…because you truly are!

Love, Petra.